Why Empiric group, trade and travelling Inc.? 

Small groups for a great experience

All of our tours and day trips are limited to 8 participants.


Licensed local guides

Spend a day with a passionate and enthusiastic guide that has all the ins and outs.


Forget the boring facts and figures

We focus on the hidden gems and interesting tidbits.


Always at your disposal

Our guides are here to provide a tailor-made experience for you.


Pick up and drop off

Pick up in the hotel you are accommodated.


Expertise and passion

With over 3 years of expertise in the traveling, we have shared our passion with more than 5.753 satisfied guests.


About us


Rok Klemenc


I’m a musician at heart and a traveler by the soul. For over 30 years, I have traveled all around the world and have had beautiful experiences. Mystic places have always attracted me because I have always seen them to be an adventure.

“Traveling is about the gorgeous feeling of teetering in the unknown.”


EMPIRIC GROUP, international trade and travelling Inc. agency to share our experiences with you.


Aleksandra Klemenc


The magic of stars has always attracted me. I’ve been a researcher and painter since my earliest days.

I founded the Ayurvedic Center Lineja for health and well-being and Siddhi the jyotish school in Slovenia  and quality of life.

My husband and I decided to open an EMPIRIC GROUP, international trade and travelling Inc. agency to share our experiences with you. We do everything together: organize tours, courses, workshops, therapies, retreats and Ayurvedic treatments in Bali.




Guide Eka

EkaI have been working as a tour guide since 1999, after studying English in high school and graduating from Hindu University with a degree in Balinese cultures and traditions. I’m licensed by Indonesia’s professional tour guide association.

Currently, I’m contributing to developing tour programs with the EMPIRIC GROUP, international trade and travelling Inc. travel agency. I will guide the most of the tours on Bali, some tours will be guided also by other guides.




Yoga teacher Nyoman

Kembar-MadrawanI have already over 25 years of Yoga teaching experience with different Yoga styles: Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga, Iyengar Yoga, Five Tibetan yoga,  with a combination of Meditation: a Cakra & Pranayama Meditation.

I have directed Yoga-classes at different resorts in Bali and I’m also the founder and manager of Be Yogi Bali.

You will practice yoga with me in Bali on a spiritual journey with the EMPIRIC GROUP, international trade and travelling Inc. travel agency.

There is also an opportunity for the individual course for all levels of Yoga. The yoga classes I will conduct personally or my assistant teacher Ni.