The mission of our Empiric group travel agency



The mission of EMPIRIC GROUP, international trade and travelling Inc. is to offer unusual and extraordinary adventure in Bali through authentic holidays and retreat tours. On Bali, we have done our best to find the greatest masters, from healers to priests, who will present and lead you through the mysterious world of Bali.


Visiting Bali is to experience the balance of 5 elements.

You don’t need to have the spiritual practice, if you’re intending to go on active holiday in Bali. Just contact us, and you can participate in an amazing retreat day of asanas, agni hotra, pranayama and meditation. A brilliant starting point to open yourself to all physical, mental, emotional and spiritual adventures! Join a wellness program with us, re-position yourself and retreat from the stresses of everyday life by combining spiritual practice, yoga, meditation, tranquil rice walks and traditional massages with holidays on the beach, and spiritually experienced tours around beautiful and magic Bali.

“To travel is to live.” Hans Cristian Andersen

People on Bali are living spirituality in each moment of their lives. Rituals, offerings, breathing techniques and meditation are taking place in the everyday lives of the Balinese people as well as the foreigners who have settled on Bali for this reason.

“Bali is Atlantis” the secret which is still alive. As you step on this sacred land comes the feeling of home, comfort, and hospitality. Eyes and hearts are filled with the majestic beauty of the stunning land. Everything in Bali speaks of the love which creates us in a sense of freedom.

That’s the reason our travel agency found this exotic paradise island and arranges no mass tourism tours to experience the balance of the body, mind, and spirit.

Find the way to yourself and FALL IN LOVE again in BALI.