Bali for Baby Boomers Seniors

Who are Baby Boomers Seniors? They are persons born between 1946 to 1964. They enjoying the freedom and constantly seeking new adventures and challenges. And Bali can offer all that.



Have you stopped traveling because you are getting older? You do not have to do that.

If anything, it’s when you are older that travel means even more. It’s a lifetime of knowledge, which allows you to fully appreciate the new experiences you’re having. And, if not for travel, why did you work so hard for all those years?



Why choose a trip to Bali with Empiric travel agency?

  • to get a uniquely and local experience with the possibility to learn about a new culture while traveling trough authentic Bali
  • to get an educational and cultural experience with an experienced and well-trained guide
  • you can choose adventure tours with an emphasis on different activities for those the “young at heart” or  slower based tours for those the “old at heart”
  • to experience an actively and self-discovery adventure while being safe, in a controlled environment
  • different sort of “rugged” adventure
  • you can always take your grandchildren because Bali is an excellent choice if you are looking for a destination for your next family trip
  • we make sure there’s WiFi to keep everyone satisfied



Baby Boomers Seniors traveling and medical issues

You just have to make sure to have a suitable travel and medical insurance. There is no reason to worry about medical issues because there are some very good medical facilities available in Bali for both routine and emergency health issues. It is always advisable to also seek advice from your own doctor prior to making travel arrangements. Make sure you have information on where to find appropriate medical facilities if they are needed during your stay.


Baby Boomers Seniors traveling and health condition

It is always good to plan a trip regarding your wishes and desires. But for Baby Boomers Senior travelers we recommend planning a trip regarding their health condition. We are trying the best that our travelers get a true experience in a beautiful, magical Bali. This is the reason, why we prepare an offer suitable just for you.


Baby Boomers Seniors traveling and driving

You can always rent a taxi, a car or even better, hire a driver instead walking a long distance. You have to consider, driving in Bali is not so easy if you are used to driving on a right side. It is a lot safer to let others drive. The driver will take you wherever you want to go to.



Now is the right time to realize your dreams and travel.