Detox and Weight Loss Holiday in Bali

How does the Bali detox retreat sound to you? Or weight loss holiday? Prepare to achieve the goals, which you promised to yourself to reach. Usually, for women, this goal is to detox the body and lose weight, which was acquired through some time.  And Bali offers you exactly that.

Do you think about the idea of working out while on a vacation with us? It may seem crazy, but might make you have a change of heart and reach for your best swimsuit, which you were looking in a wardrobe for some time.

Empiric travel agency suggests combining an active holiday with treatment and relaxation, to achieve the best result.


Which activities?

There are plenty activities you can do in Bali, such as swimming, running or just walking on the beautiful beaches. If you love waves, don’t miss a chance to go surfing or paddling. With Empiric travel agency, you can go trekking to a volcano or you can do yoga. The underwater world is just phenomenal, so take a chance and go diving.


What kind of Bali detox retreat?

When you think about treatment and relaxation, of course, you think about massage, wellness and detox treatments. Don’t forget the meditation, which is also recommended to achieve great changes in the body and mind. And not only that. The good thing is, you are not hungry after the meditation because it brings emotions into harmony.

Bali detox retreat yoga


What about the food?

Thanks to Elizabeth Gilbert, tourists have been eating, praying, and loving their way through Bali in droves in recent years. The food in Bali is unbelievably good, with a variety of fruit and vegetable, some of which you may never hear or saw so far. Traditional Balinese food is light and very tasteful. You really have to try it.

Don’t miss a great chance to detox your body with juice fasting and a purgative action that is induced by various herbs by Bali detox retreat holiday. A few days of rejuvenating treatments strengthen your body and leave you refreshed. Detox works on :

  • cleansing the liver, pancreas, blood and small intestines by removing causes for inflammation (Pitta)
  • cleansing lymphatic system by removing causes for cellulite and fats (Kapha)
  • reaching lightness, renovation, harmony in body, mind, and soul


Bali detox retreat smoothie


With Bali detox retreat holiday, you can detox in our Ayurvedic Clinic in Bali, where they prepared the fresh food, herbs program, massages according to the customer individual constitution, in consultation with the ayurvedic therapist.

Enjoy the holiday and renovate your body.


The result

By combining the activities, treatments, and healthy food, you will create a feeling of long-lasting balance in your body. A beautiful deep and essential change on all levels of your body, such as physical, etheric and spiritual.

If you decide to make changes to your body and mind, let us help you to achieve those changes with our Bali Detox retreat or Pancha Karma retreat vacation. Our Ayurvedic Clinic promises you real results and visible changes in your body.

We encourage you to break old habits and feel great in your body with Empiric special holiday renovating program in Bali  » the island of the gods«.

 Bali detox retreat harmony