Beyond my wildest dreams – true stories from Bali Mountain Ashram

Some people came to the Bali mountain ashram just for five days, but they are still there – fifteen years and more!

That is why we would like to share with you two personal stories about experiencing the mountain ashram in Bali.


Personal experience from the Bali mountain ashram


Some came initially just for five days, but they keep coming back – two, five or even fifteen years later –  Rok, Slo

I experienced the mountain ashram personally in January 2016.

It left a deep impression in my heart.

Students come from all over the world, a very nice group of people.

Some came initially for just five days, but they keep coming back – two, five or even fifteen years later.

You get a warm welcome on arrival and are given a tour of the facilities. You feel instantly at home.

There are various options for accommodation to suit different budgets or needs for comfort – in a shared room with up to four beds, in double or single rooms, in older or newer buildings, or you can rent a villa by the swimming pool.

The swimming pool is really big and clean, and it’s available for all the ashram visitors, no matter where they stay.

There is water everywhere, most of it clean spring water straight from Mount Agung, and a nice river flows through the ashram leading to more gardens and a refreshing waterfall.

The day begins with a quiet meditation at 6.30am and continues with the first shaking session starting at around 7.00am while singing the Gayatri Mantra.

At the end of the morning session, at 9.00am, there is breakfast, followed by free time for swimming and a small contribution to the daily chores of cleaning the public areas – dining room, kitchen and  the taman, our shaking hall.








At 13.00pm the second shaking session starts, followed by lunch at 15.00pm. There is free time, as during the morning break, until 18.30pm, when the last session of the day starts, preceded again by half an hour of quiet meditation.







Sometimes the master of the ashram interrupts a session to explain and show examples of his training.  This is also an opportunity to ask questions. Master’s answers will always come from his heart, never from the mind. There is little philosophy, but a lot of practice about the real spiritual experience at his ashram.

There is a sacred fountain at the ashram whose water is blessed by a master of the mountain ashram. We can fill up our bottles any time and drink it all day long.

This is the daily life at the ashram, just to let you know my nice experience.

While shaking I experienced that I have a physical body, but my personality – my spirit is only energy. The healthier and stronger my physical body, the happier and freer is my spirit.



Beyond my wildest dreams – Julie, UK

As a ‘seasoned’ shaker of 11 years standing, I thought it was high time for me to share you my experiences during my recent visit to the ashram.

My last visit was in November 2014 and I had been in no hurry to go back. I faced my recent trip with trepidation.

My fears were completely unfounded and the trip was beyond my wildest dreams. The morning and evening meditations under the stars by Ganesh were truly magical – to then shake being blessed with holy water was awesome!

Singing the ‘Mahaguru’ and ‘Ganesha’ songs seated with a master I felt the energy like never before – I felt electrified from head to toe with such happiness oozing from every pore.

Yes, I am a poor student and I apologized to energy master of the mountain ashram for my slow progress; new people ‘get it’ within a day or two!

During my stay, our group swelled from around 10 to 40 and was at all times harmonious and inclusive.

I feel truly humbled by master’s power and dedication to us students who he needs to carry out his mission.

To be bathed in love and happiness on the ‘Island of the Gods’ is an experience not to be missed.

I can’t wait to go back – thank you, master!!!!



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