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Inner Journey to Myself

Here is post an impression about Bali Mountain Retreat from the traveller, Tjaša Cepuš, who visited one of our spiritual retreats on Bali

Bali… My favourite island till now… I found there a sense of  a freedom, inner happiness, deep love, simplicity, and participation. I am immensely grateful to all of those moments of happiness, remained in me.

I decided to spend time on Bali Mountain Retreat in Ashram a little longer than I planned. Although the Bali’s indescribable nature, I made a decision to stay in the ashram.










Before my arrival to the Mountain Ashram, I experienced immense fear that I could not put anywhere. I was wondering to myself. Why, what is this? But friendly Balinese people have accepted me in their community atmosphere already upon my arrival. When I first saw the Balinese mountain guru, I already knew he is the one. However, the first three days, I had a mind adventure in my head and didn’t want to stay in the Mountain Ashram. I thought to myself;  “What kind of crazy people stay here 🙂 “… But, my inner desire leads me on until I completely surrender to love, which you can feel all over the Ashram. The next step was to completely surrender to an endless laughter that is so sincere true. Now, I know what it means to be truly happy.

What did we do in Bali mountain retreat?


Each day, in the morning, we began with the so-called ‘shaking’ exercises, yoga and walking meditation. Then, followed the homemade breakfast with great food and excellent fruits from the ashram garden. After the breakfast, we helped with different tasks, like gardening, helping in the kitchen or teaching the Balinese children. Some of the ashram visitors went swimming into the pool and some went to clean under the divine waterfall. There was always a lot of options and you could do something else every day.

Tjaša Cepuš gardening

Bali mountain retreat swimming pool









In the afternoon, we continued with the shaking exercises. Then we had a lunch, which was different every time. Everyone in the ashram had a task to do. Mine was to clean the dining room. After, we have a free time.

There was an external TV room for the treatment. The Guru used a special bell to call us to join him in the room. As a sound therapist, I really recommend listening to those bells, because you instantly relax your mind and soul.

But even in our free time, we didn’t want to miss a chance to be with the Balinese mountain guru and his smiling, powering, healing and loving energy.

We meditate and talk with the Guru before the dinner. If someone has a birthday, they celebrate all together. It must be nice to celebrate a birthday in the Mountain Ashram. After the dinner, we hang out with the Guru till the 1 or 2 am. Then we went to bed. It was our daily routine. But still, I couldn’t believe I wasn’t sleepy at all when I woke up full of energy at 6 am every morning.



I experienced really immeasurable joy, love for myself, love for everything, participation in the community and luck. All you can see on my face and body and it never disappears. This journey was really sincere, an authentic inner trip to myself. The Guru teaches us to love and laughter. He teaches us to accept ourselves, who we are, to relax and heal our soul. The Guru is like a mirror to us, so we can truly connect to our soul and ground it into the body and everyday life on the Earth. I am truly grateful for such a great work performed by the Balinese mountain guru.


With love,
Tjaša Cepuš

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