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Eka Dwita is an expert native Bali tour guide for Hindu culture and history, working for Empiric travel agency. Eka is his short name, but his native Balinese name is I Made Eka Dwita. He was born on April 3rd, 1980 in a small village, called Abianbase, as a second child.
His father was a farmer and worked very hard to survive his family. Eka’s parents are part of the Rsi temple, as priests. This is the reason, why they grow under the influence of a spirituality. It is expected from one of the sons, to continue the tradition of their parents.

Bali-tour-guide-Eka Dwita

Professional Bali tour guide

Eka graduated at the senior high school of SMA No.1 in Kuta, in 1998. After, he went to Ubud to work for the wood carving gallery. He practiced his English with the native speakers. In 1999, he decided to apply for a training in a travel agency as a tour guide. He passed the course of a tour guide qualification at Denpasar Hindu University and got the professional tour guide licence. He started to work as a professional Bali tour guide at global travel agency market since 2001, until nowadays.



“My mission is to introduce the amazing Balinese culture and history to you. I speak fluently English and really enjoy being an expert tour guide in Bali. Love to connect you with the local people so you can understand the diversity of our culture and appreciate how different our lives are. People can notice immediately my relaxing, spontaneous, and friendly temperament.” 


Being a tour guide is not the only passion in Eka’s life. He also loves to painting, because there he could find a different way of meditation.

Eka used to be a leader of the village Youth Organization, participating in cultural and activity issues. This experience gives him a huge knowledge of Bali tradition and culture.

Now, he is part of a Yayasan Bangkitnya Hindu foundation. Its mission is to implement the Hindu Bali philosophy of Tri Hita Karana, the three harmony relation of prosperity, such as:

  • Harmony with nature or environment – by planting the trees in order to prevent the extinction
  • Harmony among human – by donating the poor people
  • Harmony with God – by praying and cleaning the temple area



Empiric travel agency is proudly working with Eka, based on his knowledge and reach experiences. We provide the unique experience with native Bali tour guide who is an expert for all secrets of Balinese Hindu culture and tradition. Our satisfied customers are the best result of Eka’s guiding our Spiritual tours