A Journey of a Traditional Balinese Cuisine

The Indonesian island of Bali has a unique cuisine. You can discover the secrets of this extraordinary cuisine on a journey through the markets, homes, local restaurants, and festivals. It is really like a journey of an amazing taste, with traditional Balinese ingredients and cooking techniques.


Etiquette about eating

–  The host does not usually eat with the guests. But, if they do, eating must not begin until the guests start.

–   The Balinese people traditionally eat food with hands while they are sitting on the floor. While eating food with hands, the food becomes more delicious.

–   When the Balinese eat food, they use only their right hand. The left  hand is for washing their body, therefore, this hand is „unclean“ for eating.


Interesting about preparing food2-6

–    They have no set mealtimes. People eat when they are hungry. Food is always prepared in advance and left in pots, covered with

palm leaves.

–     When the food is prepared, it is divided into portions.  Always some have to be laid as an offering to the gods in a temple.

–     The Balinese use banana leaves as a plate. This is very eco.


Typical Balinese meal:

A typical Balinese meal consists of steamed rice and one or two main dishes made of fish, meat, chicken or vegetables, sometimes including soup. All of which are served together. The food which never misses is the Sambal Matah sauce and it is served at every meal.

Traditional ingredients of the Sambal Matah sauce are lemongrass, green and red bird’s-eye chillies, eschalots, lime leaves (or kaffir lime leaves), roasted shrimp paste, limes, salt and vegetable oil.

Traditional Balinese food is often spicy but very tasty. Balinese are also fans of fried food. The basic dough is made from the rice flour and added spices such as turmeric, coriander, chili, pistachios or small Balinese tasty peanuts.








Where to try the real Balinese food?

So, if you want to try the real Balinese food, find a local Balinese restaurant or food vendors on the bike and vendors on the beach. Their food is always fresh, really worth to try and is even better than in local restaurants. If you are lucky, Balinese family will invite you to have a meal at their home.

Aleksandra during the cooking lesson













You can explore by visiting markets, festivals or even cooking lessons, just like Aleksandra did. Don’t hesitate to discover and enjoy the culinary secrets of the Island of Gods.