Love and Death in Bali – Something New in Bali

Do you like to read a book about the destination to get more information before you go on a trip or a holiday?

Love and Death in Bali by Vicki Baum is a must read. This is beautiful, full of emotions and passionate story about Balinese people and their spiritual way of life.

They believe in Karma and live their life by following the thought how all the consequences of the actions are coming back in the next life.

The real story describes forbidden love story between attractive dancer and beautiful king’s wife, a life of the villagers on the rice fields, trade between Balinese, Dutch and Chinese. Was forbidden love realized or discovered? Love and Death in Bali by Vicki Baum.

We were so amazed by this story, that we prepared our tours as much amazing and stunning to feel the sensation of the real Bali. It’s an incredibly beautiful island full of color, contrasts, imbued with tradition and friendly people. When you get to know Bali, you will fall in love.

Experience the beauty of Bali with Empiric travel agency, whether you spent just short or a long time holiday in the paradise.


Here you can check our New in Bali selected offers:


New in Bali - Honeymoon Excellence

NEW in Bali > Honeymoon “EXCELLENCE”

Royal suite 5-star accommodation

prestige service, spa club massages and special experience

privacy, and relaxing atmosphere

3 days
895 €



New in Bali - Honeymoon Romance

Bali beach honeymoon

enjoy the privacy, and relaxing atmosphere

sunset candlelight evening dinner on the beach

4 days
672 €



New in Bali - Relaxation Holiday

NEW in Bali > Bali relaxation holiday

great relaxation and unforgettable adventure

interesting meeting with a Balinese healer priest

experience the warmth of the local people, unique energy, and atmosphere of Bali

7 days
996 €



New in Bali - Art workshop Holiday

NEW in Bali > Bali art workshops holidays

dance, music, painting holiday

get to know traditional Balinese techniques of jewelry making, carving, batik, cooking

wonderful holiday where you can enjoy creativity

6 days

945 €


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