From „5 m underground“, to a successful spiritual travel agency in only one and a half years

They say, be careful what you wish for because your dream might come true. The universe alway listens to you. The tricky part is it might lead you there over some unusual and uncomfortable paths.

Rok and I love to travel for as long as we can remember. Even a quick trip to a nearby town at Adriatic sea makes us happy and more determined to travel away to some distant place as soon as possible. Our trips led us to Russian steps, Alaskan wilderness, Sri Lankan natural beauties, Peruvian heights and many other amazing places. We even went on a wedding trip to Madagascar and to the breathtaking island Mauritius where we took our woes.

With time, our getaways to unknown worlds led us closer to our own inner worlds. It made us realize that this is our passion. We secretly dreamed of exploring the world’s outer and inner beauties and mysteries to share it with people who expect more from a tour than just a plane sightseeing. But this was just a mere dream. We both had a business career and thought our dream has to wait.

And suddenly our life turned around completely.


Rok’s story

Rok was as successful worldwide businessman and director of a family company. He was there from the beginning, leading the company to foreign markets for 20 years. Rok is a musician and has a good ear for languages. He has learned 5 languages quickly and speaks them fluently also in a different accent. It was a huge shock when his business with his father and brother ended over a huge argument and left him empty handed. He landed on the street without anything.

He literally had to start from a scratch overnight. But first, he had to heal his heart and establish a new company. He was always looking after the family, but now it was time to look after himself. By pushing him literally on the street, his family helped him to focus on his dream path.


 Aleksandra’s story

Aleksandra had a quite opposite change in her career. It was her illness that pushed her to get out of the comfort zone. She couldn’t work for two years. Her liver and kidneys were damaged from tropical parasites. It was really a difficult time to get her health back. During this time she got in touch with Ayurveda and Jyotish, which helped her to understand her illness, and how to cure it naturally. She changed her style of living, her food, she started to meditate, chant, … She found her true passion. She started with the study of Jyotish that leads her closer to her true life calling and gave her courage for transition into the unknown. She continued studying medicine, different massage techniques and opened a health center. Aleksandra took a graduate change in her business career, from a local shop with office supply to medicine health center. And Rok stood by and helped her wherever he could.

This healing process took every atom of our energy, but a beautiful new path revealed for both of us.

We visited Bali some years before and instantly felt in love with the island. At that time, we had a feeling that this paradise on Earth is more than just one of our travel destination. The second time we returned for a wedding ceremony from our Balinese friend Eka and his beautiful wife to be. Eka is coming from a Balinese spiritual family. Now, he is guiding the tours for our spiritual travel agency Empiric Grop Inc.

Our third visit to Bali happened in the meads of the biggest change in our life. But we were determined to overcome all the obstacles. During that time, we visited Bali with the intention to pursue our dreams.

We wisited Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on Bali
We wisited Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on Bali

During the third visit to Bali, we went to see Sri Sri Ravi Shankar to ask him for a blessing for our new path and asked him for advice. He told Aleksandra to study and promote Sri Sri Ayurveda in Slovenia and help open ayurvedic centers, which she gladly followed in the past few years. Rok had an interesting epiphany during his visit to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. The renowned Guru offered him an apple and he ate the whole fruit, together with seeds and stern. At that moment, it dawned to him, that life is not just about “sweet” moments, but the “bitter” one are also there as the part of the whole.

It was a long and exhausting journey from the birth of a dream to the birth of Empiric spiritual travel agency. But we are grateful for every step on this path. And we are grateful to all the people who came into our lives during our hard time and contributed a piece into the puzzle of our new journey. It was happening like in Celestine Prophecy. Everyone we met has had some information for our further steps. We were listening carefully every message that arrived.

In earnest, this one year and half of hardship in our life were rather a short time, but newer the less an exhausting one. But there was always a light at the end of the tunnel – our love to Bali and the idea that we will return again and again.

Today Bali feels like our second home and we take every opportunity to return. You are dearly welcomed to join us on our next exploration tour to this beautiful island.


Aleksandra and Rok