Business analysis


In the past kings used the advice from Jyotish to successfully manage their Kingdom. Today the same advice is used by successful business owners.


Do you want to have a successful business, giving you the desired profits and enable you to live the way you want to?


Carieer and business analysis will tell you:

  • how to improve your financial situation
  • what could be a source of your financial income
  • when the right time for investments is


The analysis covers some of the indications as influenced by the planetary forces in the next 12 months, suggests possibilities for financial success and also suggests when financial problems could arise so that you can be cautious with expenditures.

In the decisive moments, this analysis can help you build the financial status you want.

From the moment of birth, Jyotish serves you with the wealth information on the way to your financial independence and success.

There are always periods of concerns for financial matters, investments, savings, borrowings, and of a cash cushion. Jyotish analysis gives you all the relevant information necessary for the operation of the company and facilitates business from the outset.


Suitable and additional analyses for your business success

Founding a new company?

  • the most favourable moment for you to open your companyMuhurta
  • name for your company that will activate its expand and give desired profits ( 6 names) ⇒ Namkaran
  • name for your company brands that will be successfully marketed (6 names) ⇒ Namkaran
  • founding the company with partnership (strengths and weaknesses) ⇒ Compatibility

Leading a company?

  • potential activity and financial opportunities in the domestic or foreign markets ⇒ Business analysis
  • suggestions how to improve relationships with customers, employees, suppliers businesses and partnerships Compability
  • how to improve the efficiency of the company Business analysis
  • start a new business or carry on the existing one Business analysis

How to increase the success of the company?

  • annual calendar of favourable days for important meetings Business analysis
  • calculate the right moment (the exact date and time) for signing a contract Muhurta
  • calculate the right moment (the exact date and time) to invest ⇒ Muhurta


PRICE: 323.00 €

1,5 -2 hours live consulting by skype + written analysis by astrologist personally.