Family and children analysis


Family and children are an important part of society. Therefore, Jyotish also pays attention to quality relationships between parents and children.


To raise and educate a child is a challenge. No matter how much effort you make, you encounter obstacles and difficulties. Sometimes, you can understand one child better than the other.


Jyotish family and children analysis reveals interesting, useful and detailed information on

  • the karmic relationships within your family
  • the quality of the relationship between you and your child
  • how can the relationship be improved
  • things you should know about your child
  • how your child experiences you


Let this analysis assist you with wonderful information about all members of your family.

It is never too late to change yourself and change the relationship with your children and celebrate every moment with your family.


PRICE: 222.00 €

1,5 – 2 hours live consulting by skype + written analysis by astrologist personally.