Health and nutrition


When you are healthy, you shine with happiness, joy and beauty.

You can improve your health with eating the right food, the food that suits YOU.

Health and nutrition analysis is based on Ayurveda and Jyotish knowledge. It will tell you what type of basic diet will create balance in your body.


With health and nutrition analysis you will get:

  • your basic dosha constitution type Prakrtti (five elements that dominate in your body)
  • your dosha imbalance type Vikritti (which of five elements are imbalanced, varies from life and weather period)
  • how to harmonize 5 elements in your body, live healthier and find out what basic diet would suit you best
  • how to detox your body from toxins with natural ayurvedic supplements
  • how to eliminate the food which caused the imbalance in YOUR body
  • how to achieve better digestion
  • how to reduce chances of disease by eating the right food
  • practical advice and tips to bring the change of diet into your life within a few days
  • SPECIAL BONUS: your personal mantra for chanting and remedies to improve your health (FREE)


Get your health and nutrition analysis and start creating balance in your body by simply changing the food you eat every day.


We recommend visiting our Ayurvedic center on Bali and also Aghni little paradise tour where Aghni Hotra (the flame of health) is performed daily.


PRICE: 202.00 €

1,5 -2 hours live consulting by skype + written analysis by astrologist personally.