Karmic analysis


In order to fully understand life, it is essential to know the functioning of karma and dharma.


Jyotish states that this life is not the only one you live. You reincarnate yourself to learn in each embodiment life.
With the previous actions, you have created circumstances that accompany you now. The future is predictable only when the consequences again respond with the actions that created them.


Perhaps you feel that you decide by your free will, but it is important to understand, that our thoughts are under karmic influences. By recognizing this you will break some of the karmic attachments.

Through this prism of viewing and conscious, you easier learn “how to transform the bite of a tiger in mosquito bite” with your decision how to act.


Karmic analysis will provide you with answers about:

  • past and present karma,
  • life mission or dharma
  • the consistency of karma and dharma
  • samskara (how to react or not react)
  • moksa (enlightenment)


 PRICE: 202.00 €

1,5 -2 hours live consulting by skype + written analysis by astrologist personally.