Muhurta – when to start action


Are you wondering whether the right time for a baby, marriage, moving, selling real estate, construction, replacement services, opening businesses, surgery and so on?
Muhurta is a perfect tool to accurately calculate the best time precisely to the minute for starting plans, objectives, projects, activities…


If the required action is done at the perfect time, it can be carried out very successfully and without obstacles. It will be harmonized and supported by a natural cosmic rhythm, it can achieve better results and avoid the possible adverse effect.


In the past, people were familiar with the power of lunar cycles affecting the growth and harvest. Supported by the cosmic energy of the universe means to be supported by an enormous amount of energy.


Muhurta will tell you when is the perfect time for:

  • engagement or marriage
  • pregnancy (increases the possibility of natural and artificial contraception)
  • initiation of breastfeeding (increase the chance that breast-feeding is carried out without any effort, naturally, painlessly)
  • starting new business, opening restaurants, shops
  • changing job
  • signing of important business contracts
  • purchasing of land, houses, apartments
  • moving to new house
  • starting the construction
  • buying a vehicle (increase the chance that the car does not break down) and increases driving safety
  • the beginning of the journey, migration
  • medical treatment and surgery (increase the chance of successful treatment and good outcome of surgery)
  • starting new studies (increase the chance of successful completion of the studies)
  • starting to write a new book (increase the chance of success of the book)

For determining the muhurta all you have to give me is the period in which you plan to do something. I will check the perfect time for you within the required period and send you the one or two best calculated times within the specified period.


 PRICE: 202.00 €

1,5 -2 hours live consulting by skype + written analysis by astrologist personally.