Namkaran – appropriate name


Namkaran – selection of the best names

All spiritual traditions, as well as modern science, know the value of a sound and its effect on human beings.

The pronounced vibration of the name activates the specific response in people and your surroundings. Have you ever wondered what sounds are activated, when you are called?

Name vibration touches us several times per day. Popular names (names, brand names, etc.) that quickly remain in memory have been carefully calculated: Coca Cola, Cockta, Coco Chanel, Madonna, Shakira…
Choosing a suitable individual name with the right vibration will awaken and express the best in you: gifts, abilities, good qualities and potentials.

Namkaran analysis will help you :

  • change and find you a new name
  • find the name for your child that activates the abundance and happiness in his/her life
  • find the name of your company
  • check what your given names vibration activate in your life


A single sound (letter) is connected with certain planet vibration energy. A whole name composed of sounds, syllables and tones activates the vibration of the energy of your entire life. Receive support from the vibration of planet energy you can make your life more enjoyable, more consistent. (Some vibration can cause and activates unpleasant activities, causing you trouble, energy problems in life.)

Naamkaran means “Giving a Name with the right vibes”. It is an ancient Veda knowledge of calculation, consulting and choosing the names that help you to live a joyful life.

Even the names of animals, product, service, company have their own vibrations. The calculation of a suitable name will be reflected in its true nature and will have a life support in the best possible way.

Namkaran is a technique that is calculated on the basis of accurate data on birth and is very personalized, unlike other techniques that calculating only the meaning of the name, but not how that name is compatible with the person.


 PRICE: 142.00 €

1,5 -2 hours live consulting by skype + written analysis by astrologist personally.