Personal analysis


Everyone is a unique human being, with the birth constellation combination of the planets that appears only once in history and is unrepeatable. Each of us represents a unique and significant piece of the universe’s mosaic.

The moment of birth reveals the full knowledge of us on the physical, emotional and spiritual level as well as the matrix of our personality and life path.

Personal life analysis will help you to:

  • know yourself better
  • learn about opportunities in life
  • find the answers you are looking for
  • find peace, happiness and harmony
  • create a better future

The astrological analysis reveals interesting facts about you: your personality, nature, characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, suggestions for improvements to help you make the right choices/decisions and lead a more productive and prosperous life.

Jyotish is an indispensable wisdom for achieving the inner peace and enlightenment.

A Full Length Horoscope contains

  • Your Birth Ascendant, Birth Planet, Sun (ego) and Moon (emotions) quality, Birth Nakshatra, Nakshatra’s disposition, according to Vedic Astrology
  • Your Nature & Temperament, Your Physical Characteristics, Your Personality & Attitude
  • Useful information like Colours and Day that supports you and your actions, how to harmonize Auspicious & Inauspicious Day, Date, Month & Period.
  • Interpretations of Planetary Dispositions in your Horoscope, the position and influence of various planets, on various aspects of your life. This section includes explains in detail, the direction in which the stars shall impel you, how they will influence & effect you & your decisions.
  • Your Wealth and Fortune, Love and Marriage, Health and Diseases, Family and Children, Work and Profession
  • Time – periods or “Dasa periods”, as the planets transit, and how they influence you because of their position and these time-periods, the effect they shall have on your life, the direction they are bound to propel you.
  • Rahu and Ketu karmic ways of life, past karma and focus karma analysis
  • The ‘Sadhesati’ of Saturn, or the ‘seven & a half year’ karmic period which completely transform you and your life. A detailed analysis of the Results/Effects of this ‘Sadhesati’
  • Complete Horoscope Charts with most accurate and specific calculations, including Birth Chart, Moon Chart, ‘Navamsha’ & ‘Bhava’ Charts
  • which Yantra to use to harmonize the activation period according the Dashas

PRICE: 222.00

1,5 -2 hours live consulting by skype + written analysis by astrologist personally.