Relationship compatibility -strength and weakness of both


Love and partnership represent an important area of our lives. A successful marriage life depends on finding the right person and being the right person.


Love compatibility report provides a summary of information about

  • relationship and your approach to a loved one
  • your chemistry attraction to loved person based on your and your partner astrological profiles
  • the potential of your relationship
  • knowing about the power of the common points of your partnership helps you to achieve the personal and common goal
  • Understanding the quality compatibility and incompatibility with your partner on different life areas, for example, communication, temper, nutrition, activity, emotions, thoughts, sport, parenthood, ideas,…
  • what changes and steps need to be taken to improve your relationship to be full of understanding and supporting


With comprehensive insight help you to understand your relationship. It offers you a range of information on how to build and enhance a harmonious, balanced and healthy partnership by:

For a successful marriage, an astrologer can be referred to a compatibility horoscope match of men and women before a wedding. The analysis for compatible wedding date for marriage is also recommended (Muhurta)


Relationship compatibility analysis raises the awareness of opportunities for growth and development in every kind of relationship. It helps your relationships become more and more harmonious with awareness and acceptance of differences between you and your partner.


Book your compatibility report and name the type of relationship: love relationship, family relationship, co-­worker relationship,…


Compatibility analysis helps you to understand all this and much more with people with whom you have a personal, love, friendly or business contact with the consent of both partners.


PRICE: 222.00 €

1,5 -2 hours live consulting by skype + written analysis by astrologist personally.