Sailing Race with the Traditional Balinese Boats

The day at the Sanur beach started as usually, but that was just the first impression.

It seems like everybody follows their normal routine. You wouldn’t imagine that in the meantime in the background, the preparations for the race with the traditional Balinese boats was going on.

On the photo below, you can see how beautiful traditional Balinese boats are. They are handmade and made from wood.

The sailing race with the traditional Balinese boats is slowly dying because tourists rather choose the sea scooter or glider. Consequently, the survival of the local Balinese people is in jeopardy.

This was the reason, why also our Empiric travel agency decided to sponsor the race with the traditional Balinese boats, together with the hotel guests, who attended the race.

Money from the sponsorship was donated for the schooling of the local children. We collected also prizes like rice, clothes, notebooks, reading glasses and so on.

There was a Balinese captain in every member team and two of the sponsors. We determined the point to which we must sail and come back. The rule was quite simple. Anyone who returns to the starting point first is the winner.

Even the rule of the sailing race was so simple, it was more then that. Everything was dependent on how good a captain was, how he operated with the boat. If he stretched the mast too much, it could break under the strong wind. And exactly that happened to our captain and one part of our team had to resign from the race after fifteen minutes – of course with a smile on our faces.


Another part of our team and other teams continued to race.  Who was the ultimate winner you can see in the video.



This is one of the amazing stories, which you can experience in live if you come and join us.