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we have prepared some exciting retreat tours for you.

Tours are calculated in such a way that certain rituals are held at the full moon. Full moon in Bali is a special day when Gods give their blessings.

Achieving a state of balance is the purpose of ceremonies, prayers and offerings.
Wali Dwipa literally means ‘The Island of Ritual or Offering’.

Welcome to Bali Dwipa – Bali.


Retreat tours by Empiric Travel Inc.


5 elements zen retreat will take you through the experience of harmonizing 5 elements of body and raising frequency level to happiness and love. A few days shaking treatment will give you the fluidity in your entire body. During your stay at the ashram, you may experience the presence of his holiness Balinese mountain guru and be blessed with his energy.


Laughing yoga retreat will have you laugh from your heart as never before. A great tour where you will return home free from stress, full of motivation and joy in your heart. The Mystical Temple will leave an unforgettable impression on you.



The only thing you have to do is relax. We will take care of the rest.

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Aleksandra, Rok and Eka


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Mountain spirit Tour is named after

Balinese mountain Guru


The unique community – the Mountain ashram is based on the extensive foothills of Mount Agung. It is named after the Balinese mountain Guru, a Brahmin, spiritual teacher, healer and master of the five elements.

Mountain Guru gained his power and knowledge during meditation on Mount Agung. The spirit of the mountain gave him strength and the task of helping people.

From this experience, the ashram was born.

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Laugh and happiness Tour is named after

Balinese Guru of happiness


At a young age, he was guided by his grandfather who was a humble and helpful person, priest and sculptor. After graduation, Balinese Guru of happiness learned yoga, meditation and spirituality from spiritual masters. Retiring as a successful young entrepreneur, in 1995 he started working as an advisor of health, happiness and prosperity to communities who need.

This man led thousands of people both locally and overseas to health, happiness and prosperity.

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