I wanted to thank you for the beautiful tour that you have prepared for me in Bali … I really enjoyed it, and in the short time I saw and learned a lot … Eka is a wonderful person, and from him I learned so many interesting things and heard amazing stories, and so I experienced Bali in a much deeper way. Thank you for that.

My visit to Bali with Empiric was indeed a memorable one. From the Guide hired by the Agency, I received so many valuable information, that helped me experience Bali more deeply than I otherwise would. I learned so much about Bali and Balinese from the stories that the Guide shared with me. I was especially interested in experiencing Bali from the spiritual aspect. Aleksandra suggested a tour arrangement, that was a deeply spiritual journey. I have gone through a spiritual purification, visited many temples, I’ve been to the praying ceremonies and have seen a Balinese spiritual dance. I have returned back with valuable memories and heart more open.

Thank you, both, Aleksandra and Eka!
Egli Ilic


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On a magical journey, I experienced Bali beyond the ordinary. The devotion to faith in each step of Balinese life changed my view of life.
Angelina Carry


I would recommend Empiric Tourism anyone who is looking for a deeper spiritual experience on Bali.
John Din


After “the sun came out”, I saw the most amazing things and had the most fabulous trip. Then, I travelled to other parts of the world and found that nowhere compares to the magic of Bali for me. Bali and its people have delighted me ever since. Who knows what Bali has in store for me this time? It touches people in so many different ways.
Diana Rich


Had wonderful spiritual experience in a five-day workshop of Pesraman amongst the devoted Balinese. Arrived home and a month later booked my next Bali spiritual tour. I just took it all in stride and never had that overwhelming feeling – just to be there again, on magical Bali.
Chris Benett


The daily offerings instantly won me over: A beautiful splash of colour on every road and in every home, and a constant reminder of the devotion of Balinese people to their beliefs.
Christine Febex


Ayurvedic advice opened my eyes at all levels of my life and my habits, from recommended eating tips, sport activities to the colour of clothes and especially for my dosha type. And I must really tell you that it works. Of course, I can not overlook Ayurvedic massages, which are a treat for myself and which liberate the body and mind. Thank you, Aleksandra!
Sanja Zupan