Bali 5 elements: With our connections to the native people and experiences, we would love to show you Bali with its depth, magic and its secrets. We will take you through the experience of harmonizing 5 elements of body and raising frequency level to happiness and love. A few days shaking treatment will give you the fluidity in your entire body. During your stay at the ashram you may experience the presence of his holiness Balinese mountain guru and be blessed with his energy.


9 days tourPrice includesREGENCY, CITY, VILLAGE

You are welcome to join us at the following dates. Prices are per person.

DaysTour Tour endPrice (eur) Book and pay by Full Moon
Single room 178-235 €
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*Children: till 2 year = free; till 7 year = 10% discount
** You can upgrade the Ashram basic accommodation to extend or villa accommodation
Fly in from anywhere. We will meet you in Denpasar.
*** Please don’t book your flight before the tour is confirmed. We will confirm you the tour five days after the final deadline for booking and paying a tour. »»
What’s included in this tour

  • airport pickup and transport to hotel and back
  • air-conditioned car or bus based on itinerary
  • hotel in the first line on the beach *** BB, basic Ashram accommodation (can be upgraded) FB
  • English-speaking tour guide
  • purification ritual in Tirtha Empul temple
  • the local Sanur market with domestic fresh vegetable, fruits, fish, Indonesian spices, etc.
  • professional traditional Legong dance performance with traditional Balinese instrumental music
  • visit the gold- and silversmith village of Celuk for fine art design of gold and silver
  • Besakih temple nominated as a potential UNESCO World Heritage
  • retreat at Mountain Ashram
Sanur, Ubud, Besakih village in Karangasem regency, Muncan village, Celuk village,

Bali 5 elements – the spiritual activity experience beyond your imagination 

You will experience a different Bali with its depth, magic and its secrets.

Sanur Beach

Day 1

We arrive on the beautiful island of Bali, the temple of the gods, called ‘the last paradise on earth’. Greeted by a Balinese spiritual guide, from a family of priests we will proceed to the hotel on the beach, a quiet, serene and green area caressed by tranquil breezes from the sea.

After having some refreshments, we will enjoy an introductory evening with the group, in the hotel club beside the beach.

Day 2

We suggest welcoming the sunrise on the beach early in the morning. We also recommend a healthy treatment of covering your body with the mineral rich sand.

At 4:30 pm, we will leave the hotel to visit the Tirtha Empul temple and undertake a highly rejuvenating and liberating Balinese purification ritual, conducted by spiritual guide coming from a family of priests. It is a very touching moment. Everything in Bali speaks of love, the love that comes straight from the heart to that love which creates in us a sense of freedom. Free flight of the soul. Raise your vibration and expand your consciousness bathing in supportive ancient energy through healing ceremony. 
This is the magic of this country sprinkled with colors, scents, spellcraft and sense of creation …

The temple is set in a valley surrounded by hills. The water comes out from the ancient stone jugs. It is believed this water purifies, cures and brings happiness into a life.

In the Balinese Lontar (palm leafs), it is mentioned that this temple is created by the god Indra.

Dressed in sarongs we will enjoy the rejuvenating water in pools during purification ritual conducted by the spiritual guide. These special local spiritual ceremonies you want to experience at least ones in your Life!


Day 3

Find your own story of an adventure day. With your connections to native people, their knowledge, you will experience a different Bali with its depth, magic and its secrets.

We suggest taking an own exploring adventure early in the morning to visit the traditional colorful market with fresh delicious tropical vegetables, fruits, fish, incense sticks and fresh pancakes. Balinese local people accept all with open hearts, also can offer you some fruits to try.

Enjoying the serenity, and relaxing the entire day. We recommend swimming or discovering the pleasant surroundings by walking or cycling along the beach. Observe the fishermen how they are catching their daily meal.

Don’t forget to visit the turtle shelter. You may be lucky to see how they preserve and dig turtle eggs in the sand.

In the evening we suggest enjoying the professional Legong dance performance with traditional Balinese instrumental music at one of the restaurants with the view of the Indian ocean.

Day 4

After breakfast, we will check out from the hotel. On the way to the Mountain Ashram, we will visit the craftsmen’s families in Celuk village, famous for its lavish Balinese silver and gold jewelry design.

Together we will drive 3,000 feet up on our path to unique temple complex Besakih temple in the east part of Bali. This is the truly breathtaking place of 23 amazing temples on six levels on the slopes of Mountain Agung considered sacred and referred as ‘Shiva’s mountain’. The temple miraculously survived a

Besakih temple

devastating eruption of Mountain Agung in 1963. It is believed that the temple had been saved by the gods and got the name Mother temple. You should visit at list once in the life!

Besakih temple was nominated as a potential UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995.


After we will proceed to the mystical and sacred Mountain Ashram in the jungle at the base of its extensive foothills of Mount Agung where Balinese mountain guru, a Brahmin, spiritual teacher, healer and master of the 5 elements lives.

The unique ‘5 elements Shaking Practice’ also known as shakti yoga, atmosphere, the magic of timelessness, the warmth and sweetness of the local people in the Ashram, will give you enriching and unforgettable adventure. 

From the humble beginnings of a house and training hut, today the Ashram is undergoing a major development into a healing center.

We take accommodation in the ashram.

Bali 5 elements
Balinese mountain Guru smiling



Day 5

Wake up early in the morning in the serenity of the mystic Mountain Ashram healing center. By engaging in ‘5 elements Shaking Practice’, we connect to soul’s energy and harmonize the body elements. Treat yourself to a new, unique supreme spiritual experience beyond your imagination! Just burn away the unwanted blocks at the deepest level by working with the sacred elements. Learn about your true self! Revitalize, regenerate and rejuvenate your physical, mental and emotional body.Bali 5 elements

Balinese mountain Guru gained his power and knowledge during meditation on Mount Agung. From this experience, the ashram was born. He is endlessly creative in his approach to awakening our desire for freedom. He is both humble and powerful, with a wonderful sense of humor.

Those that meet mountain Guru are touched by his sweetness, his love for humanity and his endless compassion. Just feel his tireless devotion to helping us become free from the weight of our problems and suffering. Sometimes he may give place his hand on a part of our body. Try to focus on receiving this help and feeling what is happening.

Bali 5 elements tour give us a spirit experience how to heal ourselves by opening our hearts and connect with divine love. “When you come back you are no longer what you have been… In a unique way, Bali 5 element tour touches your heart and remains imprinted on your soul forever”.

Bali 5 elements, Ratu Bagus
Balinese mountain Guru


Mountain Guru has touched the lives of many, to meet him is a truly life-changing experience.

We will follow the daily routine of the ashram:

7–9 AM: morning shake – followed by breakfast


1–3 PM: afternoon shake – followed by lunch


7–9 PM: evening shake – followed by dinnerRatu Bagus


Day 6
Following the Ashram’s routine.

Day 7
Following the Ashram’s routine.

Day 8
Following the Ashram’s routine.

Day 9

We will do the last shaking meditation lesson and the prayer in the morning, which heal the body and the soul. After we have breakfast and check out. Transfer to the airport.


Even when you return home, a part of your heart will stay in Bali forever!


DaysTour Tour endPrice (eur) Book and pay by Full Moon
Single room 178-235 €
901.12.- €Book now02.10.17