The Turtle Shelter Story

It all starts with Amonk and snorkeling. He snorkeled and explored the underwater world almost every day. So, one day while resting and sitting at the beach after snorkeling, he saw that something was moving toward him from the sea. Suddenly, he realized it was a giant turtle. At that moment, he froze from a sudden surprise and was waiting what will happen. A giant turtle approached directly to his legs, hatch the eggs and went back to into the sea. Amonk understood that as a sign, that he was destined to take care for the turtles.


This is how this story began. Amonk decides to build a shelter for turtles. But it takes a lot of time, because of the lack of money. He quitted his job at the restaurant to devote to the shelter completely. So, he depends on donations mostly.

The shelter slowly grows more and more every year, by adding new pools for turtles, roof, plumbing pumps for pumping the sea water and all kind of the equipment needed for breeding from egg to a turtle. When a turtle is big enough, Amonk releases it back into the sea. He even let other people and tourists release a turtle into the sea.


We were so impressed by Amonk’s work and his dedication to the turtles, that we decided to donate the safety net over the sandboxes. The problem began when sometimes rats came at the night and killed the little turtles. This safety net serves to protect little turtles from rats. And so far, very successfully.

We were not the only one, who saw something more in Amonk’s work. Today, many people stop at the shelter and donate money, or help with the work or even buy a new swimming pool for the turtles, like a Chinese tourist did. Last year also Japanese students stopped at the shelter and helped to clean all pools for the turtles.

It is a really an inspirational story. The turtle from the beginning of the story gave Amonk direction to find the mission of his life. A lot of people see and feel, how Amonk is doing the right thing. He has a big support from the people, and even from the universe. Amonk’s story teaches us how to find a meaning in our life.

Come and join us on a journey trough amazing island Bali to create your life story – the meaning of YOUR LIFE.