Tracking to The Ancient Mountain Temple – Part 2

In a case, you accidentally missed the first part, you can find it here 









After a while, a local priest came and open the ancient temple. Changed and dressed in the sarong and kabaja, the clothes for the ritual, I entered the temple. I set on the temple ground, wormed from the morning sun, put the palm leaves basket with flowers, candies, cookies, money and incense for the divine in front of me. Danny also put his offerings. We have begun with the simple ritual:

  1. first, connect with divine energies
  2. call the Surya, deity of the sun and offer red flowers
  3. call goddesses and deities of the temple in Hindu language and offer them mix flowers









After we continue

  1. with praying and asking for the realization of personal requests, like welfare, health, harmony in life
  2. the last step was to give thanks to deities and ancestors


This time, in that place I suddenly felt deep sympathy for a friend who is trying to be healed from cancer for some time already. She has three little children. The thoughts of her just came and I realized how this temple is somehow connected with her. After a time, I have already stopped asking requests for myself. In praying I ask for others.

She doesn’t know for my deeds. I didn’t mention to her. When you talk about that, the strength of the prayer disappear.

Danny’s life story also touched me, so I prayed his wish come true and one day he opens a restaurant.

Danny didn’t rush, he give me all the time I need for my prayers despite the noon heat. Balinese don’t hurry. They let everything run with a natural flow. It is called Bali time.

You wouldn’t believe what surprise Danny prepared for me after a ritual. A picnic basket with snacks and fresh cold mandarine juice, made by his wife. We ate on the top of the mountain! The food was delicious. We set together with Saka, who brought the picnic basket. He brought it while we were walking up the mountain. It was a great feeling after so much new experience. I was so light, happy, I could hug everyone. My heart was filled with love. We enjoyed the lunch with local Balinese and observe a beautiful view of the valley.









It was time to go back. We chose a different road, a shortcut, this time, trough the forest village and rice field terraces. We crossed rice fields and few streams. It was not easy to walk steep down with barefoot in the mud from the mountain. I must say, this road was really adventurous and I like Danny choose it. A few times I had to use hands to find a foothold.

We crossed barefoot the river a few times and I swam dressed into river pool, without hesitating. Oh, what a refreshment it was. The sun dried my clothes and I was so happy, like a child, jumping from one pool river to another.









We continued the road and crossed meadows, soy and chili fields, local homes toward my accommodation. Statue of young Budha welcomed me at the resort entrance.

This was a marvelous day, full of energy and life.

Aleksandra Klemenc