Travelling to Bali with kids? No problem.

Bali is an excellent choice if you are looking for a destination for your next family trip. It is not just a small magical island, but also a place of many differences. From beautiful beaches, exciting jungle, rice fields to the purpose-built attractions for kids.
Even if you are afraid of foreign people, don`t be, because Balinese are incredibly friendly and always with a smile on their face. So, Bali is really a place to just relax and enjoy with your family.

Travelling to Bali with kids


You don`t know what to do in Bali with kids?

  • Agro-Tourism in Ubud is an amazing experience for kids and also for adults. You can not believe how amazing Balinese jungle is. The plants and the animals. Children enjoy feeding the animals and exploring the jungle.
  • You don`t want to miss the Monkey Forest. It a gorgeous forest whose main inhabitants are monkeys. They are able to roam around freely and so are kids.
  • Visiting temples, of course. It doesn`t matter which temple you decide to visit. They are all very similar. But one temple really stands up and that is Uluwatu temple, which lies by a cliff and gives  a home to hundred of monkeys. You can watch a unique fire show, on which your kids will really be amazed.
BALI 5 219
Monkey Forest
Uluwatu Temple









  • Do you want to have a dinner on a tree house or a pirate ship or just spend a day pretending to be a pirate? Pirates Bay in Nusa Dua serves dinner and also has Pirate Camp packages. Kids can engage in different activities such as a treasure hunt, kite building, and zip lining.
  • Do you prefer a Safari, Aquarium, Dolphin Show, roller coasters and a Cultural Show the Bali Safari & Marine Park? This park has everything you could possibly want to see within the same place. You can ride on Elephants and take pictures with animals.
Pirates Bay in Nusa Dua
Pirates Bay in Nusa Dua
Safari park
Bali Safari & Marine Park









  • When travelling trough Bali, you have to visit one of the Balinese Dance shows. They usually don`t take longer than an hour. Gamelan music and colorful costumes are really interesting to see and will keep your kids entertained for a while.
Balinese dance show
Balinese Dance Show


So, there is no reason why not to travel to Bali with kids.